The detail is where the quality shows. With every Salero built home, close inspection
reveals years of steady craftsmanship and attention to the little things. Some home
builders rely on the untrained eye when finishing a product, while we consider every
Salero home owner to be as meticulous as we are. Our integrity is important, not just
to please you, but to please us. After all, we live in our own Salero homes too.

In owning a Salero home, you can feel comfortable knowing your home was built with sustainability in mind. Locally acquired materials, recycle based insulation products, energy efficient appliances, and other environmentally sound construction methods are used in every home we build. We understand the underlying fact that we coexist with our environment, and the best way to create a lasting legacy is to afford the same attention to nature as we deliver in our homes. It is no wonder the City of Scottsdale recognizes us for our sustainability; every Salero home is an advanced green building structure. Frankly, we've always built them that way.











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